Fed up? Poor?

Hey reader,   Welcome, are any of us fed up? maybe feeling poor?maybe both?   Are we actually fed up of being poor? and want or need to do something about it, because if so welcome to "my place" You are with good company - lets chat! Whether fed up or poor, I want to … Continue reading Fed up? Poor?


Welcome here, If you have been doing any kind of research in your mission to be more financially better off, then no doubt you have come across YouTube videos, if you haven't get checking these out and blogs, go discover, but get viewing.. I have included some to check out below. Some may get you … Continue reading INVEST in YOU!

Dream it, Action it, live it!

Welcome, So you've declared you are "fed up of being poor" but the question is what are you going to do about it? I guess it's a good question but not necessarily an easy question. For me, this led to so many other questions and work to do before I could even begin to figure … Continue reading Dream it, Action it, live it!

“Trash” The new money making Treasure.

 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" Photo SAS Photography. No reproduction without permission.  I like to challenge the idea of what is treasure and what is trash, and the excitement of discovering treasure. Many have made money from other peoples rubbish. Imagine the treasure had your name on it and you … Continue reading “Trash” The new money making Treasure.

Fed Up Of Being Poor The Journey Begins – Time to change that.

  Welcome! A quote from Walt Disney. Thanks for joining me! You are welcome here! Welcome to my home, my road my journey. This is a work in progress, like me, journey of entrepreneurship, making money, saving money, reducing poverty, helping myself and helping others. I started this blog because I myself was "fed up of … Continue reading Fed Up Of Being Poor The Journey Begins – Time to change that.